The Legends of the Rocking Dutchman - episode 86

Houston, TX

Maybe not so hip as Chicago or Los Angeles - Houston was one of the important centers of Rhythm & Blues in the late forties and early fifties. I took my play list today from a 4 CD box that I recently got myself, titled Houston Might Be Heaven, and judging the music, Houston definitely had that touch of heaven.

Most musicians indeed played the clubs of Houston's Third Ward - historically the African American neighborhood of Houston, while others just briefly passed by and recorded for one of the local labels - Peacock, Freedom, Macy's, E&W, Eddie's or Independent - to name a few, sorted by obscurity.

So enjoy some of the local legends of Houston, TX.



  1. Peppermint Harris - My Blues Have Rolled Away
  2. Blip Thompkins - Got A Feelin' You're Foolin'
  3. Joe Houston - Your Little Girl Is Gone
  4. Lavarda Durst - I Cried
  5. Conrad Johnson - Fisherman's Blues
  6. Willie Holiday - I've Played This Town
  7. Carl Campbell - Oo Wee Baby
  8. Clarence Garlow - She's So Fine
  9. Lonnie Lyons Combo - Fly Chick Bounce
  10. Robert Smith - Freeway Blues
  11. Joe 'Papoose' Fritz - Real Fine Girl
  12. Lonnie Lyons - Down In The Groovy
  13. Little Willie Littlefield - Boogie Woogie Playgirl
  14. Big Mama Thornton - Bad Luck Got My Man
  15. Violet Hall - Six Foot Papa
  16. Clarence Samuels - Hey Joe
  17. Willie Johnson - Got The Boogie Woogie Blues
  18. Bill Hayes - My Baby Loves Me So


  • Wild Bill Moore Sextette - Bongo Bounce

The following music served as background music during the spoken parts:

  • Kirk Kirkland - The Saxaphone Rag
  • Clarence Garlow - In A Boogie Mood
  • I.H. Smalley - Smalley's Jump
  • Little Willie Littlefield - Little Willie's Boogie
  • Little Willie Littlefield - Swanee River