The Legends of the Rocking Dutchman - episode 228

Legends Mix

The blues, earthy and unsophisticated as they are, have often beem named the music of the devil, as opposed to gospel. And maybe the best proof of the devil's involvement is where the blues meet - or rather, mock, the gospel. So today's last one easily takes a Bible theme to a dirty blues.

Also today one of the first recordings of Who Threw The Whiskey In The Well - and no, the first recording was not Lucky Millinder's, but the obscure white comedy act and band of Freddie 'Schnickelfritz' Fisher. Just that name gets me the laughs.



  1. Varetta Dillard - Hurry Up
  2. Cootie Williams - Gator Tail
  3. Tiny Bradshaw - I'm A Hi-Ballin' Daddy
  4. Milt Buckner - Lights Out
  5. Andrew Tibbs - The Holidays Are Over
  6. Crown Prince Waterford - L.A. Blues
  7. Helen Humes - Suspicious Blues
  8. Ella Fitzgerald - Holiday In Harlem
  9. Doc Wheeler's Sunset Orchestra - Who Threw The Whisky In The Well
  10. Black Cats & The Kitten - Step It Up And Go
  11. Monette Moore - Please Mr. Blues
  12. Buddy Moss - Struggle Buggie
  13. J.T. 'Funny Paper' Smith - Hungry Wolf
  14. Eva Taylor - West End Blues (Take C)
  15. R.T. Hanen - She's Got Jordan River In Her Hips


  • Wild Bill Moore Sextette - Bongo Bounce
The following music served as background music during the spoken parts:
  • Kirk Kirkland - The Saxaphone Rag
  • Frank 'Floorshow' Culley - That Girl
  • Georgia Washboard Stompers - Farewell Blues
  • Jack McVea - F Minor Boogie
  • Sax Kari - Down For Debbie
  • Skeets Tolbert & His Gentlemen Of Swing - Fill-Up