The Legends of the Rocking Dutchman - episode 183

Joe Davis Labels

Today I feature the wartime labels of Joe Davis. The Beacon, Joe Davis and a revived Gennett were born in a very difficult time for the music industry. The American Federation of Musicians had just ordered their strike on recording, that lasted from August 1942 to the end of '43 - at least for Joe Davis. And the shellac to press records from, was rationed by the US government. The reason to take over the old Gennett label, was only for the shellac rationing it had received, while the label was out of business for a long time.

The labels were the witness of a turbulent time, when tastes in music rapidly changed. Bebop emerged in these years, the bawdy blues that were big in the twenties and thirties, quickly grew out of fashion and boogie-woogie had become extremely popular. The Joe Davis label has some real bebop gems and also the only recordings of a highly obscure, teenage boogie woogie genius.

Joe Davis didn't record just jazz and blues - it recorded everything from pop to polka and Irish folk to Latin. Of course, here on the Legends of the Rocking Dutchman, you'll get the Rhythm & Blues from the catalog.



  1. Deryck Sampson - Boogie Express (Joe Davis 7015)
  2. Red Caps Trio - Get off That Kick (Beacon 7220)
  3. Jimmy Lytell & His All-Star Seven feat. Savannah Churchill - Two Faced Man (Beacon 106)
  4. Gabriel Brown - Boogie Woogie Guitar (Joe Davis 5021)
  5. Walter Thomas and his Jump Cats - Broke But Happy (Joe Davis 8125)
  6. Coleman Hawkins - On The Bean (Joe Davis 8125)
  7. Champion Jack Dupree - Fisherman's Blues (Joe Davis 5103)
  8. Billie Hayes - Blackout Blues (Beacon 5002)
  9. Deryck Sampson - Kansas City Boogie Woogie (Beacon 7005)
  10. Red Caps Trio - Monkey and the Baboon (Joe Davis 7221)
  11. Champion Jack Dupree - Wet Deck Mama (Joe Davis 5108)
  12. Erskine Butterfield - The Saturday Nite Twist (Joe Davis 8191)
  13. Coleman Hawkins - Out To Lunch (Joe Davis 8127)
  14. Five Red Caps - Boogie Woogie Ball (Gennett 7121)
  15. Gabriel Brown - You Ain't No Good (Gennett 5003)
  16. Billie Hayes - You Ain't Had No Blues (Beacon 5002)


  • Wild Bill Moore Sextette - Bongo Bounce
The following music served as background music during the spoken parts:
  • Kirk Kirkland - The Saxaphone Rag
  • Coleman Hawkins - Flyin' Hawk (Joe Davis 8250)
  • Deryck Sampson - Canal Street Boogie Woogie (Joe Davis 7004)
  • Deryck Sampson - The Steady Time Special (Joe Davis 7010)
  • Walter Thomas and his Jump Cats - Blues On The Bayou (Gennett 8126)
  • Walter Thomas and his Jump Cats - Blues On the Delta (Gennett 8125)