The Legends of the Rocking Dutchman - episode 110

Legends Mix

Today's show comes with a little confession that I had to make. I'm not revealing details on here, you'll get it when you listen. They come with finding the name of the saxophonist of a group that's a bit obscure despite that they were elected best small combo in a readers poll of a respected African-American newspaper.

Also in this show: a good lawyer, the godfather of New Orleans Rhythm & Blues and the group of identical twins - and two more brothers. And more.



  1. The Orioles - See See Rider
  2. The Ray-O-Vacs - Lonesome Lover
  3. Tiny Topsy - Waterproof Eyes
  4. The Larks - Ohh...It Feels So Good
  5. Camille Howard - Excite Me Daddy
  6. Floyd Dixon - Hole In The Wall
  7. Todd Rhodes - Red Boy Is Back
  8. Johnny Moore's Three Blazes - Don't Get Salty, Sugar
  9. Dave Bartholomew - That's How You Got Killed Before
  10. Joe Liggins - Hey Betty Martin
  11. Joe 'Papoose' Fritz - I'm Sorry
  12. Champion Jack Dupree - Dennis Rag
  13. Jimmy Yancey - East St. Louis Blues
  14. Al 'Cake' Wichard Sextette & Jimmy Witherspoon - T.B. Blues
  15. The Treniers - Everybody get together
  16. Richard Berry - Oh! Oh! Get Out Of The Car
  17. Count Basie - Easy Does It


  • Wild Bill Moore Sextette - Bongo Bounce
The following music served as background music during the spoken parts:
  • Kirk Kirkland - The Saxaphone Rag
  • Joe Liggins - End Of Kiss
  • Little Milton Anderson - Jackson Juke
  • Lynn Hope - Tenderly
  • Rene Hall's Orchestra - Flippin'
  • Todd Rhodes - Midnight Session